Supervisory Skills

The transition from team member to team leader can be daunting. The relationship with team colleagues change and the skill sets required to perform effectively are different. The in house supervisory skills training course helps both newly appointed and experienced team leaders/supervisors understand their role and trains them how to perform effectively.

It provides an overview of the role allowing delegates to discuss challenges faced in performing the role (from how do I feedback in a constructive manner to the effect of going out for a drink with staff on a Friday night!). Using simple tools and management processes the course dissects the day-to-day job and offers tips and pointers to supervise effectively, promoting respect for others but gaining the respect of others.

Supervisory Skills Trainign Course

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Course Overview


Staff are often promoted into their first supervisory role and due to lack of time or budget, expected to ‘get on with it’ as if it’s small extension to their previous role, using the same knowledge and skills. However this is far from the case. Not only do they need an additional set of skills to utilise but it is also a fundamental shift in their relationship with staff, particularly if they have promoted from within. This training course helps to establish the ‘role model’ behaviours required of the first line manager, where they now operate on the ‘management’ side of the divide, but often need to straddle the manager-staff line, like a gate-keeper at times.

Course Overview

We can tailor the key objectives to your specific needs and duration available e.g. condense this course into 1 day. At the end of the 2 day supervisory skills training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between a leader and manager and know how to behave in a leader capacity
  • Define their responsibilities as supervisors to their staff, senior management and themselves
  • Self asses their behavioural strengths and development areas in the role of supervisor
  • Know what communication is and where it goes wrong in business
  • Understand and practice the 3 steps to assertive behaviour to encourage staff to ‘give of their best’, and to help manage upwards
  • Apply further influencing tactics to get the best out of people willingly
  • Appreciate the importance of effective feedback
  • Name the two different types of feedback
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts of effective feedback
  • Apply the E.E.C. model for giving feedback on staff and peer performance
  • Demonstrate enhanced listening skills
  • Understand the S.M.A.R.T. model for setting tasks/performance objectives for staff
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. based objectives for themselves and their staff
  • Understand the range of performance standards that can be applied in the workplace, and how to communicate these standards to staff
  • Understand the benefits, and the barriers, of effective delegation
  • Know a process in order to effectively delegate tasks to staff
  • Apply a structured process in delegating tasks to staff

Course Features

  • The supervisory skills training course combines the ‘training in’ of a range of communication and managerial models, with opportunities to practice the models in the ‘safe’ training environment
  • A variety of training methods are used including group discussion, self diagnostic questionnaire, syndicate work, practical demonstrations and ‘skill practice’ in small groups. Delegates will be encouraged to draw upon and share their own work experiences, and to assimilate how the models might work for them in practice
  • A feature of the training course is the use of knowledge/skill checklist - a list of the knowledge and skills being developed. Delegates rate themselves at the start and finish of the course to establish the extent to which they have benefited. This also gives the delegate, and their line manager, further analysis of their strengths highlighting any further development needs
  • Delegates are supplied with full support documentation in spiral bound format
  • A mini exhibition of management skill books, additional handouts and ‘hints and tips’ sheets will be provided for delegates to browse during the day
  • Prior to delivery of the supervisory skills training course, we would host a telephone meeting to establish the nature of the delegates roles, their strengths and development areas and any aspects you would like us to emphasise

Target Audience

Supervisors,Team Leaders or First Line Managers


  • 1 or 2 days, depending on budget and availability of staff


Contact us for a quote stating course title, location of training and anticipated delegate numbers. Our prices are very competitive.

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