Recruiting Interviewing

The first part of the in house recruitment interviewing course covers a systematic process of job skills analysis to develop an ideal person profile, producing question plans that are fair and reasonable i.e. avoid discrimination claims (particularly in the light of the Equality Act 2010) and tips on screening applications.

We develop delegates on the course to ask competency based questions – focusing on a candidate's past behaviour that might point to standards of future performance. The latter parts of the course provide a step-by-step preparation and delivery process for the interview itself, dealing with challenging candidates and follow-up.

Recruiting Interviewing Training Courses

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Course Overview

At the end of the in house performance management training course, delegates will understand:

  • The objectives of a recruitment interview
  • Consequences of making a bad recruitment decision
  • Discrimination legislation and its impact on the recruitment process
  • Psychological barriers in judging interviewees
  • A strategy to get the right fit
  • Writing a ‘person’ specification
  • Essential steps in preparation including screening application forms
  • Competency based interviewing
  • ‘Funnelling’ technique in questioning
  • Effective listening skills and positive body language signals
  • Setting the correct physical environment for undertaking the interview
  • The W.A.S.P. technique to structure the interview

Course Features

  • The aim of the recruitment interviewing training course is to understand selection strategy, appreciate the role of recruitment interview, its benefits, how to conduct the interview applying key skills used during the preparation and delivery of the interview
  • A variety of training methods are used on the training course including formal input, syndicate and group discussion, exercises, demonstrations and role play
  • A feature of the training course is the use of a knowledge/skill checklist - a list of the knowledge and skills being developed. The participant self-rates at the start and finish of the day, to establish the extent to which they have benefited. This also gives them, and their line manager, further analysis of their strengths, highlighting any further development needs
  • Delegates are supplied with full support documentation in spiral bound format
  • A mini exhibition of interpersonal skill books, additional handouts and ‘hints and tips’ sheets will be provided for the delegates to browse during the day
  • Prior to delivery of the in house recruitment interviewing training course, we would host a telephone meeting to establish the nature of the delegates roles, their strengths and development areas and any aspects you would like us to emphasise

Target Audience

Anyone responsible to recruit and interview others for jobs


  • 1 day


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