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Pair of A4 briefs for manager and staff member to role play an absence management / back to work scenario. It has a twist (if the manager is patient enough with the member) written into the worker’s brief.
A 4 page handout of tips and tactics around resolving disputes.
Set of 3 short role plays set in a veterinary surgery however could be amended to a range of settings.
Short pre-course reading on the nature of leadership with a written quiz to be completed at the start of the course.
Exercise asking delegates to make decisions about given performance issues at work. As the paper is unfolded, delegates get another piece of the story. Good exercise to demonstrate getting all the facts about a situation.
A useful form to help appraisees prepare for a forthcoming performance review.
Number of statements that delegates have to decide whether they represent behaviour or not. A good exercise if developing understanding of competencies.
An individual exercise where delegates rank a series of items in terms of how motivating they are, and what motivates their teams.
A ‘selling’ approach to marketing the company to an interview candidate.
Short, fun exercise to introduce the importance of asking the right questions.
Proforma to help identify the skills and qualities required to fit a job being interviewed for.
A short fun exercise highlighting open and closed questions. Trainer notes are in the NOTES view of slides.
Fun team building exercise entitled Magic Carpet.
Individual exercise called ‘Human Bingo’. Excellent as an ice breaker or energiser in a team building day.
A 1 page checklist for participants to debrief their performance post- exercise.
Proforma to help delegates identify how they occupy their work time. Trigger questions to help the review are included.
A syndicate exercise using laminated cards and flipchart paper, exploring the biggest time robbers faced by individuals and what can be done to reduce or eliminate the time robber.
List of skills/qualities of the effective Trainer with rating system.
Preparation material for a one-to-one instructional techniques exercise.
A fun exercise to demonstrate the Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic styles. The trainer notes are in the Notes view of the slides.
A compilation of over 25 companies’ vision statements.
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