12 more tactics to save time

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Part 2 of our tip sheet series on tips for saving time at work.

1. At the start of a meeting, agree a duration. It helps keep people focused

2. Use coloured highlighter pens/ plastic wallets to denote tasks of varying importance

3. Stand up when interrupted. It tells them it will be short

4. Work in a different part of the department when doing urgent stuff. It means that you avoid the main distracters – colleagues!

5. Text colleagues 5 minutes before the start of a scheduled meeting to remind them

6. Have another task to hand to work on in case you are kept waiting

7. Leave a message on your own voicemail to remind you of important tasks

8. Divert the phone to a colleague if you are doing an intricate/ urgent task

9. Consider your task choices. Does it need to be done:

  • By this deadline?
  • To the highest standard? E.g. can you cut corners or reduce the detail?
  • In this way? There may be a better way of doing it
  • By me? Delegate or get some help to complete the task
  • At all? Some tasks grow up with the job and get done automatically. Consider the consequences on the business of not doing it.
  • 10. Prioritise by considering both the importance and the urgency of the task. Remember that importance is defined by you not the ‘task giver’ (unless it’s your boss!)

    11. Estimate how long a task will take you. It makes you much more aware of the time passing

    12. Don’t use your diary just for meetings. Book task time too e.g. block out 10-11.30am to design report

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