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We all need to get more out of our working day for a range of reasons, from increased productivity to getting home at a reasonable time! Our time management tactics are the first of two tips sheets coming your way.

Top 12 time management tactics....

1. Book task time into your diary. A visual check can help you understand what can be achieved in a day.

2. Use the ‘Batching’ technique – place similar tasks together and do them as a ‘batch’, rather than as soon as they come in.

3. Position a big clock in your workspace so it is visible to you (and to visitors!). It helps keeps us time-focused.

4. Practise the 4 D’s with stuff – Do it now, Dump, Delay, Delegate.

5. Meet in their work area, not yours. It’s easier to get away.

6. Say no assertively: “Look, I’d really like to help, however I’m snowed under myself. Have you asked George to help you?”

7. Turn voicemail on when you want to avoid interruptions or have detailed analysis to do. Keep your greeting helpful e.g. alternative source of help.

8. Make calls (telephone or face-to-face) just before lunch or at the end of the day when people are less likely to prolong the call.

9. Pick up the telephone rather than write an email. It’s much quicker and more personal.

10. Allocate a specific amount of time to each subject on an agenda in a meeting and encourage others to stick to it.

11. Avoid gossiping about the organisation. Invariably, it doesn’t achieve anything.

12. Hold stock answers to frequently asked questions on email to 'cut and paste' into popular queries.

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