Questioning the T.E.D. way

Questioning the T.E.D. way
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"The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions"

Claude Levi-Strauss

Being able to ask good quality open questions is an essential skill in all jobs - from a manager helping a staff member with a performance issue through to a customer services assistant diagnosing a customer service problem. (I wish somebody would tell radio interviewers this when they persist in posing closed or leading questions!)

Prepare effectively and the manager is well on their way to delivering an effective, fair and professional process. Skimp on preparation and the door could be open to a tribunal claim.

However there is another way using TED:

  • Tell
  • Explain
  • Describe

For Example:

  • Tell me what happened
  • Explain us how you produced that report
  • Describe me about something that went well this year

  • Tell what the customer said when they phoned
  • Explain your idea for improving the system
  • Describe what you mean

  • Tell what you would like to see as a solution
  • Explain how you would solve the problem
  • Describe the customer's attitude when they came in this morning

One manager who attended our training said a week later that he had been 'tedding' all week!

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