W.A.S.P. Interviewing

Reproduced from our ready-to-deliver Recruitment Interviewing. course

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Wrong Communication at Work
  • Management Skills

WASP is a popular model to structure a recruitment interview. We've converted the W.A.S.P. stages into a series of behavioural competencies. It can be used to self-assess when interviewing or use as a checklist to observe other recruiters' interviews as part of their coaching plan.


  • Settles candidate in (e.g. refreshments; permission to remove jacket)
  • Generates small talk (e.g. Introductions; "How was journey?"; "Did you find us okay?"; "What's your first impressions of us?")
  • Explains interview structure/ duration
  • Mentions own note taking (so will be giving less eye contact to candidate)
  • Encourages candidate questions and explains at what stage they can ask


  • Refers to points from application form/c.v. (areas requiring expansion; anomalies and clarifications)
  • Uses competency based questioning where appropriate
  • Avoids potential discriminatory questions unless necessary and provides clear reasoning for question
  • Explores candiate's motivation for job/ organisation
  • Demonstrates active listening (e.g. eye contact; listening noises)
  • Explores other information (e.g. desired salary, any hols booked, notice period)
  • Demonstrates positive body language


  • Describes vacant role enthusiastically
  • Supplies positive, inspirational information about company and benefits to employee
  • Asks for candidate questions
  • Answers questions positively


  • Confirms candidate’s interest in position
  • Explores candidate’s other job applications to test out ‘competition’ (e.g. “How are your other job applications going?”)
  • Informs of next stage with timescales
  • Checks for any further candidate questions
  • Thanks for attending

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