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Recently we were asked by a client to put together some tips on conducting a recruitment interview via Skype. Here's our top 10 tips....

1. Ensure a reliable connection to the internet - avoid wireless if possible

2. Close all other applications to help running speed and minimise picture freeze

3. Eliminate background noise from traffic,air conditioning or busy open plan areas

4. Use a carpeted room with furniture. Empty rooms with tiled floors produce an echoey effect, making the voice sound cold and unwelcome

5. Eliminate bright lights behind you. Ensure your face is illuminated artificially or by natural light (by rotating your position to catch light from the window)

6. Place books or supports under laptops so that camera lens is at eye level

7. Look at the camera lens not the person on the screen. One interviewer taped a photograph of the interviewee over the lens with a small hole cut in the middle to help him focus his gaze!

8. Place laptop at arm’s length so the interviewee sees your head and most of body. If too close, your face fills the screen

9. Talk slightly slower than normal using pauses for mental catch-up

10. Consider using recording software (with the interviewee's permission) to capture evidence. For example, Skype recommends Super TinTin (free trial then about £20)

Let us know your tips and we'll include an update in a future newsletter.

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