Delegation - Passing The Buck

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"If you are leaping a ravine, the moment of take-off is a bad time to be considering alternative strategies"

John Cleese

Delegation skills are vital for all managers and team leaders. The advantages are immense. However delegation performed poorly leads to de-motivation, stress and low productivity. The delegator often blames the delegatee and tries to 'pass the buck' when very often it is their ability to delegate effectively that lies at the heart of the problem.

Consider our 10 steps to delegation....

1. Identify the task
Decide what should be delegated - part-task or all.

2. Identify the delegatee
Consider experience/skill level. How much coaching is required for them to complete the task to a high standard. How much time have you got?

3. Specify the task
Clear explanation of the task itself.

4. Explain why you are delegating it to them
Sell it to the delegatee - the benefits. If it's a mundane task at least tell them how appreciative you will be.

5. Specify outcomes
What will success look like? How will they recognise it?

6. Establish completion date
Agree the target date.

7. Discuss how
Ask the delegatee about how they will complete the task. It can get more buy-in than telling. Also consider any barriers they may have to completing the task and work to overcome these barriers.

8. Identify resources
Such as time; equipment; money; people.

9. Decide how/when progress will be monitored
Depends on complexity of the task and the risk of it going wrong. May need to highlight key 'milestones' to review.

10. Identify who else needs to be informed
For example: your manager (needs to be kept informed); the team (to avoid gossip and assumptions); other departments (may open doors for the delegatee).

Good luck with your delegation!

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