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Wrong Communication at Work
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Starting my human resources career in a supermarket, a wily manager, George, said to me: "Remember Bryan, if they're any good, be a salesman". He was referring to interviewing candidates for jobs in the store. The supermarket was based in a rough area of London. High labour turnover mean't extreme pressure on me from line managers to fill vacancies. Getting the right applicants through the door was a challenge, so if someone half decent comes along, hang onto them.

George's point was as valid then as it is today, particularly with skill shortages. If the candidate is good, other companies will think so too. Job and company need to be sold as well as possible.

A group of managers from a computer manufacturing company met to discuss how the company could 'sell' themselves to the superior candidate. They devised the F.A.B.'s - the Features, Actions and Benefits of the company.

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