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Appraisal Skills

It is important that managers can find ways to increase the productivity of their team. Effective appraisal gives the opportunity to review past performance, discuss and agree future performance targets and to plan training and coaching needs. At the same time it offers the employee the opportunity of discussing their performance and ideas on how they can achieve future objectives. They feel that the process is being done with them, not to them. An appraisal, if done correctly, is the best opportunity to motivate, encourage, coach and improve productivity in the individuals in the team.

Appraisal Skills Training Course

“Well delivered concise appraisal skills workshop”
“Appraisal preparation steps were very useful to me”
“Very informative and practical workshop”

Course Overview

At the end of the in house influencing skills training course, delegates will have covered:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of performance, for both appraiser and appraisee
  • Appreciate the consequences of delivering a poor appraisal process
  • Understand the skills and qualities required of the effective appraiser and self assess own strengths and development areas
  • Define what the annual appraisal interview covers
  • Appreciate the challenges of getting across ‘pictures’ of performance levels to the appraise, particularly when dealing with qualitative standards
  • Effectively prepare for the appraisal interview
  • Apply effective questioning techniques using the T.E.D. and funnelling models
  • Develop their listening skills
  • Appreciate the range of development opportunities for the appraisee, in addition to training courses
  • Undertake an appraisal interview
  • Deal effectively with more challenging appraisees

Course Features

  • The aim of the appraisal skills training course is for participants to appreciate the role of appraisal interview; its benefits; how to conduct the interview and applying key skills used during the interview
  • A variety of training methods are used on the training course including syndicate and group discussion, exercises, demonstrations and ‘mini skill practice’
  • A feature of the training course is the use of a knowledge/skill checklist - a list of the knowledge and skills being developed. The participant self-rates at the start and finish of the day, to establish the extent to which they have benefited. This also gives them, and their line manager, further analysis of their strengths, highlighting any further development needs
  • Delegates are supplied with full support documentation in spiral bound format
  • A mini exhibition of management skill books, additional handouts and ‘hints and tips’ sheets will be provided for the delegates to browse during the day
  • Prior to delivery of the in house appraisal skills training course, we would host a telephone meeting to establish the nature of the delegates roles, their strengths and development areas and any aspects you would like us to emphasise

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers


  • 1 day


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